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A cute woodely creature!

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HERE! ^_^ 

Cute foxes for everyone! and soon posts of winter corchet!  As well as WIP pictures of my blanket. :) (I have a better camera on my phone now)

Size Chart

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For those that knit/sew/crochet their own clothes! Make clothes that fit you!

Reblog of wonderful sweater

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Follow the links to find English and Japanese patterns (knit and crochet) for sweaters! ^_^

So jealous..

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Of all these wonderful knitted items!  I dream of a day where I have a bunch of crocheted items to wear. ^_^

I'm not old!! >.<

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A tumblr reblog thing for women who crochet who aren't old grannies! 

Hmmm... ear warmer? perhaps...

hmmm I wonder if I could make a crocheted version of this

Pile o'links!

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Chocolate syrup for coffee! 

Linked Double Crochet Stitch technique! 

Cute Lamb pattern!

Fox wrist warmers

and crochet a Bowtie

other cool stuff!

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Lols its pretty evident that I haven't checked my feeds in a while, but this is awesome!

Easy kitty doll

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I really like this idea! It would be easy to make this a big plush (which is something I find tiring with amigurumi).

mood blanket

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This would be potentially fun ^_^ click here for the mood blanket!