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I wish I could say I've been playing this game. but I've been working on my ascended gear in Guild Wars 2. :p 

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Guild Wars 2 Characters!

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So HOLY CRAP GUYS! So earlier this month I officially came out as bi on this blog and told you guys about how I came out to my little brother! Well guess what?! I came out to my mom last week! :3 And it actually went great which really suprised me so I'm still feeling really happy from that, but I still have to tell my dad and decide whether or not I'm going to come out to my grandparents. So wahoo! Umm.... but a lot of other stuff has been going on as well such as awesome gaming stuff!

Like this!:  (the awesomeness that my boyfriend and I were able to go halvsies on ^_^)

Here's a pic of the controller: 

(being used as a remote for the tv currently)

And since it only came with one game and we weren't sure it would have multiple save files or even if we would be able to have multiple accounts on the WiiU, I got the game "The Last Story" since my boyfriend didn't see any he wanted at the moment. The cover art is so pretty:

My boyfriend bought the WiiMote and the Nunchuck required to play the game (I'm buying a pro controller) and I started to play it.  Sadly I wasn't very impressed with what I've played so far. Sure the gameplay is pretty awesome, but this game isn't called "The Last Gameplay". So, I have yet to see the story really grab me to want to play more, but I'll keep trying to see if I can get into it because maybe the story just has a rocky start.

Other games I've been playing include finishing Pokemon Black and starting on Pokemon Black 2 (I'm about to go against Burgh) since I'm trying to get 2 done before X and Y come out. I got Donkey Kong Kountry for the GBA (and omg I can SAVE). I've been eyeing the PSVita and the PSVSlim since the slim was announced, which dropped the price for the regular vita nicely.  This has led me to hold back on getting some PSP games for my PSP in the hopes that I can just get them through the PSVita store rather than dealing with those terrible disks. So I haven't played any KH:BBS (ALL the loading noises) or Jeanne D'Arc (not a bad game but...meh) in favor of playing pokemon and Guild Wars 2. 

Guild Wars 2 content lately has been EPIC! Basically taking a dead a beaten snake and revamping into a badass motherfucking dragon who will destory your world and everything you love. They have also released some awesome events that are really cool lore-wise....but Anet hasn't been too good at getting their story across (at least not to me), so I've taken to watching an awesome Youtuber's (by the name of WoodenPotatoes) lore videos.  Watching those puts me WAY more into the story that actually playing the game has so far, which is depressing. But I love the world to much leave now, so until then I'll just wait for them to figure it out. 

In the world of my crocheting I've been I kinda busy been. I've mentioned in the last two posts (I think) that I've had things getting in the way of me getting done the projects I wanted to submit to my works art fair/aution thing. Well, I'm pleased to say that those things are gone and I've been kinda busy! :3

Firstly we have a cutie candy corn from this pattern and an owl from scratch! 

They're soooo cute!!! >.<

Also remember the penguin I made? Yeah I'm going to redo the eyes. I have a pair from when I was trying to figure out how to make the owls eyes so I'm just going to sew those on there. :D

I've also been catching up on the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale" and I swear I'm obsessed, but then, I think that's a normal reaction to something so awesome.  If you don't listen to it though I'm sorry, because you won't know what to do on street cleaning day, what to do in case of a sandstorm, or what you should or should not know about the Dog Park (REDACTED).  You won't even know about the wonderful and beautiful Carlos. And that's terrible.  Don't forget to check the weather. RIP Dana.