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So the holidays happened!

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So I haven't posted a picture of my finished Slytherin scarf here! 

Its almost 10 ft long and reeeeally warm!! So lately I haven't been wearing it because it hasn't been snowing a windy. >.< This scarf is great for those days, but its too warm/cumbersome for days that aren't like that. 

Well that was a quick update! I'm off to play some Guild Wars 2! (btw I'm in Crystal Desert and I'll post about my new guild later!)

Just a quick post..

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Hey! Just wanted to shout out that this site isn't dead yet and I really don't want it to die I've just been so ridiculously busy with school and getting used to the new campus at UofL.  

For those of you that didn't know I transferred to its been hectic, especially since I'm a commuter now.

But just wanted to say that Border Raids was awesome this summer, and I'll post as many details as I remember shortly.

I got started on some new garb, finished up some research and  I'm almost ready to start my new project. And I finished my green cloak!! of which I will post some pictures of soon. :)

And lastly before I go to bed Happy soon to be Mabon (since I probably wont have time to post another entry before then to say it again).

and this little sca witch is off to bed since my sweetheart is waiting for me. :)

night night kiddies!


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So this weekend I went to OMGcon in Paducah, Ky this weekend with my boyfriend, almost2blank, and my friends, one of them being Sapphire. :) Me, Sapphire and two other of our friends and fellow con goers ran some panels, including panels about cracked anime, hentia, yuri, and yaoi. They all went really, really well, and I think that the last three were more enjoyable for people than lasts years panels.  I went to those, and they were just boring and very disappointing.  But this entry isn't a criticism of last years panels.

This year was really good though.  In the end we had eight people in our room, which wouldn't have been too bad since we had two beds and we brought in inflatable bed, but we were expecting a couch in the room too.  So two people were on the floor. To be fair only one person was expecting the couch, but even still we all pretty much agreed that we would be fine spending a little extra next year for the Drury Suits to get a bigger room with free breakfast and dinner.

I thought it was really funny that early that week I was already planning next years omgcon. I definitely think that I am going to do the hentai, yuri and yaoi panels again with my friends, but I am also going to try to get a new panel about steampunk too. :) I should have some steampunk clothes by then so I'll be able to dress the part too.

I am still trying to get over my fear of sewing machines, but it doesn't help that I haven't really been shown how to use them yet.  But, now that omgcon is over, the next thing that I am going to get ready for is Border Raids in Elizabeth Town, Ky.  I'm still not sure which side I am going to be on since I have friends on both sides, but I am pretty sure that I am going to go regardless of where I am going to stay.  This means that I need to finish my Pict garb and then I am going to do my starter garb.

Busy, busy, busy

Up-coming New Years and Cooking Around

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Like every other post that anyone is going to see I'm going to bewishing everyone I know (and don't know for that matter) a happy andsafe New Years. Even if you don't plan on drinking for the holiday, becareful on the road and on the lookout for people that think that theycan drink and drive.


Well, now that that's out of the way...

So I've been trying to do at least one post a week both on here and my new website(because I can't remember most of my passwords... ^^;).  The posts willmostly be the same, but I hope to eventually get them on differenttracks soon.


Speaking of doing new things lately, I've beentrying to cook more, with the help of my Vegetarian Cookbook.  Lastnight I made a haphazard minestrone soup with random vegetables that Icould find in the fridge (found the carrots AFTER I made the soup..sigh..), some Italian seasoning, macaroni noodles, pepper, and waterbecause I didn't have any vegetable stock.  It was pretty tasty, but Ithink it would've tasted much better with some vegetable stock to giveit a fuller flavor.  I hope to make some vegetable stock on my own assoon as I can get all the ingredients and I'll post my escapade on hereafter I'm done. ^_^


Along with almost2blank I've been trying to cook more and figure out different things I can use tofu for.  almost2blank made a WONDERFUL tofu Parmesan for Christmas dinner for me that even thecarnivores agreed was awesome. ^_^ I need to steal that recipe from himbecause it was AMAZING!


We'll I'm off now.  almost2blank and I are going to see Avatar.  So maybe next week you'll see a little review of it.


Happy Yule/Winter Solstice

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The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longestnight of the year. It falls usually between December 20-22 depending onthe year. I thought I was going to be in Florida for Yule andChristmas, but my parents couldn't a room during the Christmas season.I can't say that I wasn't happy that I got to spend Yule with myboyfriend, almost2blank. I'm still not sure if I'm going to go to thecircle ritual at Matrix tonight or not, I feel like I've celebrated myYule. I'm going to try to start planning my next year, like listing outmy goals for the next year and stuff like that.


When I'm done doing this goal setting, from something I found online called theYearly-Review, I'll post it on here and also on one of my blogs if Ican remember my password.


I view the winter solstice as a timeof reflecting and a time to be with loved ones. So, I'm using this dayto reflect and try to outline the next year. Hopefully this will becomea yearly habit for me.


Happy Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Year! :)