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Up-coming New Years and Cooking Around

Posted on December 30, 2009 at 2:29 PM Comments comments (0)

Like every other post that anyone is going to see I'm going to bewishing everyone I know (and don't know for that matter) a happy andsafe New Years. Even if you don't plan on drinking for the holiday, becareful on the road and on the lookout for people that think that theycan drink and drive.


Well, now that that's out of the way...

So I've been trying to do at least one post a week both on here and my new website(because I can't remember most of my passwords... ^^;).  The posts willmostly be the same, but I hope to eventually get them on differenttracks soon.


Speaking of doing new things lately, I've beentrying to cook more, with the help of my Vegetarian Cookbook.  Lastnight I made a haphazard minestrone soup with random vegetables that Icould find in the fridge (found the carrots AFTER I made the soup..sigh..), some Italian seasoning, macaroni noodles, pepper, and waterbecause I didn't have any vegetable stock.  It was pretty tasty, but Ithink it would've tasted much better with some vegetable stock to giveit a fuller flavor.  I hope to make some vegetable stock on my own assoon as I can get all the ingredients and I'll post my escapade on hereafter I'm done. ^_^


Along with almost2blank I've been trying to cook more and figure out different things I can use tofu for.  almost2blank made a WONDERFUL tofu Parmesan for Christmas dinner for me that even thecarnivores agreed was awesome. ^_^ I need to steal that recipe from himbecause it was AMAZING!


We'll I'm off now.  almost2blank and I are going to see Avatar.  So maybe next week you'll see a little review of it.