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A bit different...

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but this (what at the time I called "social activist trolling" not trolling in the sense that they don't believe in what they are saying and only doing it for the lolz, but trolling in the sense that stuff they say is hurtful, senseless and out of nowhere) is essentially left tumblr.  And a large part of this stuff is why at least in my local area I don't consider myself a part of the LGbt "community", but while this is mostly a local thing for me the feeling of not belonging to the LGbt community extends beyond my local community to the internet and mainstream LGbt stuff. :/ so yeah. there's that.

tl;dr its basically a long post about how social activism over the internet has devolved into unhelpful name calling and other bullshit.

Watching Youtube and crocheting gifts >.<

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Watching: Legend of Korra Season 3 speculation

That just ended so now I'm watching: Guild Wars 2 VisualWood podcast

While crocheting this for my manager! ^_^

Is this going to post? Temporary hiatus

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I'm busy studying for my gre test that's on Monday. I'll share links here that I already shared on Facebook and there will be a big update. But if you want to keep up with my little updates go check out my Facebook page called 'Dandy Serenity'. Bye guys! Wish me luck! >.<

well something is up...

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with so my page may not load properly. the site builder does but not my actual site. this was going to be an entry about border raids and my delay in tarot of the day (week... month...yeah) but seeing how my site isn't working I didn't feel like wasting my time to do a full entry about everything and then nobody be able to read it. Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted.. lol on this site actually.. but I guess it'll be up when it gets up. :)