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How I feel after work these last few days

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What I'm crocheting!

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I put Leavanny's face on!! 
and the penguin that looks like someone just stuck something up it's butt... :/ whatever I'll might redo the eyes, but right now I'm frustrated with them so I'm just going to count this as "done" for now.

And I saw this at a stoplight the other day. yes that says Honolulu and yes that's a giraffe.

What I'm CrochetingGamingDoing!

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I want to crochet ALL THE THINGS!! However, I hurt my hand at work and I'm still not sure if I would be able to finish a project. Since I think I actually bruised the muscle of the meaty part of my palm at the bottom of my thumb I haven't wanted to strain the muscle in any way, so I haven't tried crocheting anything yet.  Before I hurt my hand though I did learn a new technique  for invisible decreases.  I was very happy with the results because it definitely did create a smoother decrease so I'm going to get into the habit of using it. :)

Other crochet things include finishing the penguin I started (I think I just have to sew on the feet and I'll be done), finishing another Black Hole Cowl (I need to get more yarn first), and I also want to start some other projects:

Candy Corn

Mr. Fox

and all the owls.

I got passed my dizziness, but now I need to get passed my hand hurting. :/  While I've been waiting for my hand to get better though I've finished Pokemon Black! Wahoo! And finishing the game I see how the meta-game became such a bigger deal for people.  The meta-game being: finishing the pokedex and competitive play.  In addition to competitive pekemon battling being more of a big deal now at the end of the game it was specifically emphasized that I should complete the pokedex.  However, it wasn't just for the sake of completing it, but I felt like I would actually be rewarded for doing so.  I then looked up the rewards for completing the pokedex for Pokemon Black and there's not really a reward but I could see how it would benefit me in my completion of Pokemon Black 2's pokedex as the rewards directly aid in the meta-game. For details click here for the Bulbapedia page.

Other than finishing Pokemon Black I've been making progress on Guild Wars 2, specifically on my elementalist.  I've been neglecting my ranger pretty much since she hit the level cap because other than getting achievements with her there's not much else I can think to do with her.  I don't want to get world completion with her yet because I don't want to spoil those areas for my other characters.

I've also been oogling over the PSVita. I want it soooo bad!! But that's not going to happen for some while since my boyfriend and I are getting a Wii U. Luckily I've arranged my Amazon wishlists so it will make for easy access to the games and accessories I want for the Wii U.  Even if I don't buy something on Amazon having the list there helps me keep track of the games I would like to try and things I need like college books.

Speaking of college I am still going to try to get in for the spring semester, I doubt I'll get in with my current GRE scores, but the 60$ application fee isn't so bad that I don't want to try. Wish me luck! 

So New STUFF! and rambles about random stuff...

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So ha! I guess I'm going to officially come out and say it on the blog but I'm bi! yay! And I told my first family member yesterday! Wahoo! I came out to my little brother and he was fucking awesome! :3 Then we talked about pokemon for a bit and then I let him go off and finish working on his homework. Maybe I'll get him a 3ds for his birthday since it's at the end of October, but at the same time I don't want to distract him from his school work. :/ He has the same tendancy as I do of telling myself that I'm going to take a 10 min break and then looking up from a video game 2 hours later.  I was going to say that I wouldn't be able to afford to buy him one of the pokemon games... but I do have both X AND Y pre-ordered at gamestop, so I could give him Y (sorry squirt X is mine :3).

We talked for a bit and that was nice, not to be a downer, but I haven't been over at my house for a long while because I was having panic attacks over there cause you know lying evetually gets to a person ^^'. But I need to try to mend things and try to force my walls down so I can feel like a part of my own family again. But I wish it wasn't so damn hard and the mask wasn't so comfortable. :( And here I am being a downer. :/ I do feel a lot better since coming out to my brother though and the other day at work I had almost a whole day without anxiety! ^_^ (I have too much time to think by myself while stocking shelves). 

After I came out to my brother since it didn't go horribly my boyfriend and I went to go finish watching FMA:Brotherhood. AND IT WAS ALL THE FEELS!! I <3 it so much! Tonight after going to the gym we planned on watching the movie and I'm so excited! :3 After this anime is concluded I think I'm going to make my boyfriend watch Avatar: The Last Airbender (the show, not that god-awful movie).

The other day I also worked on a penguin and got horribly frustrated with sewing the pieces together that it's still not done. :( I think I just have the feet to put on though.  I have thus concluded that  I love making the pieces of amigurumis but I LOATHE putting them together.  I don't think it helps that I think my iron is low again (damn my insistance on being vegetarian... and forgetting to take my vitamin TT_TT). When my iron gets low I go to crochet and I get really dizzy and tired, so by the end of making the penguin I was dizzy, tired and frustrated with sewing it together. So I just put it away.  Looks like I'm going to have to eat a steak in order to right this :/. Oh well, I ain't even bovvered. (if you get this reference I will love you forever.)

In unrelated news I figured out what my GRE test results mean! YAY!! I had to look up a conversion chart to figure it out but whatever.  But it seems I did VERY well on my verbal :D and dismally on my quantitative :(. So yeah. I'm still going to try to get into grad school for the spring, but I'm not going to hold my breath and I doubt I'll be able to study enough and get into another test soon enough for me to retake it in time for the spring semester. This wasn't completely unexpected though, so that's okay I guess. 

Also, I don't think I mentioned before, but I found a legit copy of Pokemon Emerald, but the battery is dead! But that's okay because I got the required battery AND I ordered the weird-ass screwdriver it requires from amazon today! (And I got windshield wipers, but that's not interesting :p).  I also spent way to much of my time today sorting through my amazon wishlists: deleting crap I don't want anymore.  However, I was mostly deconstructing my games wishlist into several different wishlists based on which system a game ran on.

I also want a paperback OR hardcover of this edition of the Orphic Hymns. *flails* Because I will do some serious nerding out over that awesomeness. Although it's not like I don't have many other awesome books that I actually have that I haven't read yet. :( I must get to that.

And this post has officially just twisted around into me just rambling hasn't it? 

What I'm Crocheting!

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All the things lately it seems! ^_^

Below the cut are pictures of an awesome finishing needle I got, also pictures of Leavanny's finished headpiece! And a new hook!



for those of you the work with yarnstuff, if you have trouble with the regular yarn needles GET THESE! Its been a great frustation save for me! Since my amigurumi is so tight most of the time its easier (but trust me, not by much) to use my crochet hook to finish off the leftover ends.

7-1 011



Plus its WAY easier to put the yarn in the in the needle. I'm coming from a metal yarn needle so this was heaven! (I have a tendency to split the yarn D:)

7-1 012


And it's bendy! This has been both good and bad though. When tucking yarns away on something flat its been great because it allows me to do multiple runs before pulling through, but it gave me trouble when I was working in a tight area on the headpiece of Leavanny. :(

For most of Leavanny now I've been working with a new crochet hook! Since I /broke/ my last one O.O


7-1 014

its SUPER comfy!

7-1 007


I believe this picture was taken before the edging was done on the headpiece, but its a nice closeup.

7-1 009



And this is the headpiece finished!


And thats not all I've been crocheting! I've also started a Slytherin scarf using Tunisian crochet knit stitch!

7-1 001





7-1 006

7-1 010

it curls so much! and its so thick I love it!


Lately I've also gone a little magazine crazy it seems, at least in regards to how I usually buy magazines, which is never >.<

7-1 017



The crochet magazine on the very left I think is my favorite out of all of these so far ^_^

7-1 018



Archaeology news! And so many more new animes, mangas, and games I want to check out! >.<



I'm going to be doing something new that I mentioned in the last post: featured artists!

And this post's featured artist is going to be: Steampunk Bar & Grill by Guy Whelan! Also, he has an etsy!

OMG!!!Con Haul!

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So I will continue the talk of OMG!!!Con with pictures of what I actually got at the con! ^_^






Its a Len keychain! (from the dealer room)



cubecat. from the artist alley it has a squeaker inside it. just at its butt. So I've named it Squeakbutt. :D



Just a comparison of how big Squeakbutt is.




Naga Sticker from the artist alley!



Hades sticker from the artist alley!



Werewolf sticker from the artist alley!



Hermes sticker from the artist alley! (do I really need to keep saying that? I'm sure you can guess where the next one was from :P)

OMGCon Stuff! ^_^


Vampire sticker from SPACE! No jk from the artist alley! ^_^


And here's some other things I got:



I picked these up right before I left for the con, otherwise my lolita outfit would've looked really weird....



And they have this weird double layer thing going on, the outside of the inner layer is also stripped so I could fold over the outer layer and show off those strips. Also there's two tongues.... and that's all I'm going to say about that... >.> :P




Walking Dead Vol 11!! I have almost read up to this point but have never purchased them until now. I wanted to give my support to the creators of the comic as well as a thanks to the comic book store because they let me and the bf stay in the store while rained POURED outside. :)



And now off to crochet, watch True Blood or just hang out, I haven't decided yet. :

Just a quick post..

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Hey! Just wanted to shout out that this site isn't dead yet and I really don't want it to die I've just been so ridiculously busy with school and getting used to the new campus at UofL.  

For those of you that didn't know I transferred to its been hectic, especially since I'm a commuter now.

But just wanted to say that Border Raids was awesome this summer, and I'll post as many details as I remember shortly.

I got started on some new garb, finished up some research and  I'm almost ready to start my new project. And I finished my green cloak!! of which I will post some pictures of soon. :)

And lastly before I go to bed Happy soon to be Mabon (since I probably wont have time to post another entry before then to say it again).

and this little sca witch is off to bed since my sweetheart is waiting for me. :)

night night kiddies!

well something is up...

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with so my page may not load properly. the site builder does but not my actual site. this was going to be an entry about border raids and my delay in tarot of the day (week... month...yeah) but seeing how my site isn't working I didn't feel like wasting my time to do a full entry about everything and then nobody be able to read it. Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted.. lol on this site actually.. but I guess it'll be up when it gets up. :)

My Views on Tarot

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With the addition of my Tarot of the Day part of my site I want to explain what tarot reading means to me before I just jump in and start reading the cards.

Basically my view in a somewhat nutshell, is that I don't necessarily believe that Tarot cards give us a view of the future, but if they do then that future is not by any means set in stone.  But for the most part I think that they are more for food for thought.

However, if they do indeed show us a glimpse of the future then it is a future that would happen as of right NOW. The moment you see that card that card may no longer be true because you have seen it and will work against it, but then there are self-fulfilling prophecies.  But, what I want you to take from that is the fact that what the cards tell are absolutely not carved in stone. 

Well, thats pretty much my view. Now, hopefully I'm going to get out my Tarot deck and do the first Tarot of the Day! ^_^