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I wish I could say I've been playing this game. but I've been working on my ascended gear in Guild Wars 2. :p 

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Nightvale is coming to my city!

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OMG!! See if they are coming to your city!

So the holidays happened!

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So I haven't posted a picture of my finished Slytherin scarf here! 

Its almost 10 ft long and reeeeally warm!! So lately I haven't been wearing it because it hasn't been snowing a windy. >.< This scarf is great for those days, but its too warm/cumbersome for days that aren't like that. 

Well that was a quick update! I'm off to play some Guild Wars 2! (btw I'm in Crystal Desert and I'll post about my new guild later!)

So going to make this....

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So HOLY CRAP GUYS! So earlier this month I officially came out as bi on this blog and told you guys about how I came out to my little brother! Well guess what?! I came out to my mom last week! :3 And it actually went great which really suprised me so I'm still feeling really happy from that, but I still have to tell my dad and decide whether or not I'm going to come out to my grandparents. So wahoo! Umm.... but a lot of other stuff has been going on as well such as awesome gaming stuff!

Like this!:  (the awesomeness that my boyfriend and I were able to go halvsies on ^_^)

Here's a pic of the controller: 

(being used as a remote for the tv currently)

And since it only came with one game and we weren't sure it would have multiple save files or even if we would be able to have multiple accounts on the WiiU, I got the game "The Last Story" since my boyfriend didn't see any he wanted at the moment. The cover art is so pretty:

My boyfriend bought the WiiMote and the Nunchuck required to play the game (I'm buying a pro controller) and I started to play it.  Sadly I wasn't very impressed with what I've played so far. Sure the gameplay is pretty awesome, but this game isn't called "The Last Gameplay". So, I have yet to see the story really grab me to want to play more, but I'll keep trying to see if I can get into it because maybe the story just has a rocky start.

Other games I've been playing include finishing Pokemon Black and starting on Pokemon Black 2 (I'm about to go against Burgh) since I'm trying to get 2 done before X and Y come out. I got Donkey Kong Kountry for the GBA (and omg I can SAVE). I've been eyeing the PSVita and the PSVSlim since the slim was announced, which dropped the price for the regular vita nicely.  This has led me to hold back on getting some PSP games for my PSP in the hopes that I can just get them through the PSVita store rather than dealing with those terrible disks. So I haven't played any KH:BBS (ALL the loading noises) or Jeanne D'Arc (not a bad game but...meh) in favor of playing pokemon and Guild Wars 2. 

Guild Wars 2 content lately has been EPIC! Basically taking a dead a beaten snake and revamping into a badass motherfucking dragon who will destory your world and everything you love. They have also released some awesome events that are really cool lore-wise....but Anet hasn't been too good at getting their story across (at least not to me), so I've taken to watching an awesome Youtuber's (by the name of WoodenPotatoes) lore videos.  Watching those puts me WAY more into the story that actually playing the game has so far, which is depressing. But I love the world to much leave now, so until then I'll just wait for them to figure it out. 

In the world of my crocheting I've been I kinda busy been. I've mentioned in the last two posts (I think) that I've had things getting in the way of me getting done the projects I wanted to submit to my works art fair/aution thing. Well, I'm pleased to say that those things are gone and I've been kinda busy! :3

Firstly we have a cutie candy corn from this pattern and an owl from scratch! 

They're soooo cute!!! >.<

Also remember the penguin I made? Yeah I'm going to redo the eyes. I have a pair from when I was trying to figure out how to make the owls eyes so I'm just going to sew those on there. :D

I've also been catching up on the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale" and I swear I'm obsessed, but then, I think that's a normal reaction to something so awesome.  If you don't listen to it though I'm sorry, because you won't know what to do on street cleaning day, what to do in case of a sandstorm, or what you should or should not know about the Dog Park (REDACTED).  You won't even know about the wonderful and beautiful Carlos. And that's terrible.  Don't forget to check the weather. RIP Dana.

What I'm CrochetingGamingDoing!

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I want to crochet ALL THE THINGS!! However, I hurt my hand at work and I'm still not sure if I would be able to finish a project. Since I think I actually bruised the muscle of the meaty part of my palm at the bottom of my thumb I haven't wanted to strain the muscle in any way, so I haven't tried crocheting anything yet.  Before I hurt my hand though I did learn a new technique  for invisible decreases.  I was very happy with the results because it definitely did create a smoother decrease so I'm going to get into the habit of using it. :)

Other crochet things include finishing the penguin I started (I think I just have to sew on the feet and I'll be done), finishing another Black Hole Cowl (I need to get more yarn first), and I also want to start some other projects:

Candy Corn

Mr. Fox

and all the owls.

I got passed my dizziness, but now I need to get passed my hand hurting. :/  While I've been waiting for my hand to get better though I've finished Pokemon Black! Wahoo! And finishing the game I see how the meta-game became such a bigger deal for people.  The meta-game being: finishing the pokedex and competitive play.  In addition to competitive pekemon battling being more of a big deal now at the end of the game it was specifically emphasized that I should complete the pokedex.  However, it wasn't just for the sake of completing it, but I felt like I would actually be rewarded for doing so.  I then looked up the rewards for completing the pokedex for Pokemon Black and there's not really a reward but I could see how it would benefit me in my completion of Pokemon Black 2's pokedex as the rewards directly aid in the meta-game. For details click here for the Bulbapedia page.

Other than finishing Pokemon Black I've been making progress on Guild Wars 2, specifically on my elementalist.  I've been neglecting my ranger pretty much since she hit the level cap because other than getting achievements with her there's not much else I can think to do with her.  I don't want to get world completion with her yet because I don't want to spoil those areas for my other characters.

I've also been oogling over the PSVita. I want it soooo bad!! But that's not going to happen for some while since my boyfriend and I are getting a Wii U. Luckily I've arranged my Amazon wishlists so it will make for easy access to the games and accessories I want for the Wii U.  Even if I don't buy something on Amazon having the list there helps me keep track of the games I would like to try and things I need like college books.

Speaking of college I am still going to try to get in for the spring semester, I doubt I'll get in with my current GRE scores, but the 60$ application fee isn't so bad that I don't want to try. Wish me luck! 

Oh Hai!

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So where the hell have I been right? Studying for the GRE! Well, I have been studying all summer, but the last two weeks, but the last week especially, before the actual test day I pretty much stopped everything (except for some FMA episodes before bed time :3) and just studied my ass off to prepare for that four and a half hour monstocity. And it's done!! And I'm so happy! I'm not sure what my final score is or what the score means yet but I'll find out and figure out if I have to take it again to get into grad school or not. But it's DONE! Have I mentioned how happy I am about that yet? Yeah I'm pretty fucking happy! ^_^ 

I'm also happy that I'll actually be able to DO things now! For instance I still haven't finished the details on Leavanny! :( But that doesn't mean I haven't been brainstorming about how I'm going to do the wings in the back (I assume they're just folded up wings).  I've also still been keeping up with my crochet blogs so I've learned some stuff and gotten some ideas for future projects! 

So far I have:

Leavanny (just finishing up the details)

Slytherin scarf (I'd really like to finish this before it gets cold so I can wear it for the winter)

Also there's a craft fair/auction thingy at work that I'm going to participate in and I haven't figured out what I am going to do yet, but I'm pretty sure it's just going ot be a pattern I find online just to make things simple for myself.

[EDIT] I just wanted to add really quick that I went to my state's fair and I checked out their crochet section with all of the artsy stuff and I'm thinking of entering something next year if I have something worthy of submitting/I'm not too busy with Grad school! >.<

But what have I been playing?

Well not much during my hardcore study weeks, but I have gotten some things! 

During my haitus I bought a Gameboy Advance SP because omgbacklitscreen! plus my ds lite has a broken screen so if I want to play a gba game before bed I have to hold the ds lite different so the screen doesn't fall down, which hurts my hands, or sit up and play, which isn't conductive of sleepy times :3. I  got a case for it too, but it isn't here just yet. 

As far as new games go I was able to find a legit copy of Pokemon Emerald! It cost as much as my 5 gba Pokemon games from ebay, but you live and learn.  The only problem with it is that the battery has dried up so the timed events (such as berries) won't work anymore unless I replace the battery, which I plan on doing.  The save file that is on there doesn't have anything worth saving unfortunately. I'm also probably not going to play Emerald until I get the battery replaced, which will be made easier by the fact that Amazon sells the screwdriver for it as an add-on now. ^_^ 

I also aquired, not for myself, but for my boyfriend, a copy of Pokemon Yellow! And it's in great condition! If I decide to play my Pokemon Yellow again I'll probably mistake his copy for mine, its in that good of condition (I was weirdly careful about my games and consoles as a kid).

In the time after my test (which was on monday) I have played on Pokemon Black, KH3D (even though I haven't finished BBS or KH2 TT_TT but it's so fun!!!), Project X Zone, and Jeanne D'Arc.  All of these games are really fun, but they require varying degrees of attention and time, so that usually determines which one I will play and when.  

Pokemon Black has been fun, I've been enjoying the amount of story they are putting into it versus the earlier ones. And my character actually "said" something! Just passed the 7th gym I have to go to this place that has a dragon pokemon on top and there was a big crash and text appeared at the bottom of the screen explaining what my character thought was going on. It was weird though because I'm so used to the silent protagonist of Pokemon. But it was interesting. *shrug*

KH3D definitely took some getting used to. I haven't played any of the KH games really since the beginning of the summer with BBS (and stopped because the whirring of the psp is annoying).  It's flashy and just like all of the other KH games I always want to play with the sound on because the music is good and it really gets me into the game.  The intro alone is totally worth playing with the sound on because you meet some characters from the game "The World Ends With You" (which I still totally need to get) and they play some of the music from that game when they are introduced.  So far KH3D isn't too spoilery of KH2 so I think I'll be good not finishing it for a while, but to be honest I've probably spoiled most of it for myself by going to the wiki so I could figure out what the hell was going on.

Project X Zone. Hmmm..... I was playing this game one day and I got to chapter 10 and honestly I thought I was either close to the end of the game or maybe halfway through.  The story felt like it was at a turning point at the very least.  And well I was curious so I looked up a walkthrough to see how long this game actually was and there are like 40 chapters!  Maybe I'm just burnt out from the game, but it just feels like it's the same thing over and over again now, not only that but it feels like the game is mindlessly making me do the same thing over and over again by porting different characters around so they are in the same situation just with different characters to hang out with now.  And now I know that I have 30 more chapters to complete. :( I'm kinda disappointed.  Maybe that's fatigue with the game talking, but that's where I am right now with that game right now. 

Jeanne D'Arc is different. Turn-based strategy rpgs usually aren't my thing, sure I play Pokemon, but let's be honest sometimes that's just a matter of pressing A over and over again. Well Project X Zone introduced me to the rest of the aspects in a turn-based strategy games that aren't really in Pokemon, so I do have that to thank it for.  I haven't gotten too far into the story of Jeanne D'Arc yet but so far I'm liking it.  The cut scenes are very very pretty and the game doesn't require as much loading as BBS does so that aweful whirring noise doesn't thow me out of the game as much as it does in BBS. But like I said so far I am enjoying it and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

There are some games I have started but I'm not really playing right now and that's Final Fantasy I for the gba and KH:Chain of Memories.  I think I've finally gotten passed the turn-based strategy hurtle that has been keeping me from playing the FF for forever, but I think I can finally really get into it! The battle system being really fucking stupid in Chain of Memories is what has been keeping me from playing that game, but I went through the tutorial and I think I'll get the hang of it.  I think I'll have to redo the tutorial once I really start playing it though.

Other than that I've just been burning through some FMA: Brotherhood (we're on season 4 :D).  I do have some planned purchases in the future (although I'm not sure how distant yet..or what exactly I want yet to be honest), but here are some certain furture purchases: a booster box of the latest pokemon tcg set and a psvita (wifi).  With the price slash for the vita I'm not sure if I want to get it now or to wait until the holiday season to see if it'll go lower because I don't want to spend that much money right now (I did buy a 3DS XL pikachu edition at the beginning of the summer).  I'd also like to possibly get the lower priced PS3, but since I spend so much time over at my boyfriend's house it hardly seems worth it since I'm 99.99% sure he would just let me use his PS3.

Purchases I would like to make but I'm not sure yet it on the Nintendo side. I don't know if I want to get a new WiiU or buy a used Wii, either way I will be splitting the purchase with my boyfriend. The WiiU plays Wii games, and the only game on WiiU that either of us wants to play is Pikman 3, but that's just not enough to justify the purchase.  However, there are several Wii games I would like to play, and there's still hope that there might be some good WiiU games still to come out.  OR we could get a Wii (less $) and be able to play all the Wii games AND Gamecube games.  There are a few gamecube games my boyfriend would like to play, but I'm not sure if he wants enough Gamecube games or Wii games to care.  Hmm... but we'll mull over it a little more before we figure out which shiney to get. :) 

And I think that's where I should end my very very long post (I've been writing this for more than an hour I'm sure).  I hope you found it interesting at least a little! ^_^ There will be more to come! ^_^ 


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So today's artist is directly tied to Fandomfest, which I went to on Saturday! And this artist is "Pens and More" by Robert and Christine Wierzbinski.  The location was a bit confusing so I couldn't tell you if they were in the "artist alley" or not, they seemed to be, but there also seemed to be regular vendors in that room as well.  However, I did find them and I was very glad too, because I got a cute little stylus for my Kindle Fire and it also works on my ipod! ^_^ 

It's hand made and works perfectly (I do have to get used to the pressure needed for it actually work) and that little black thing on the left goes into the headphone jack of my kindle or ipod for safe keeping.

Now Fandomfest, I did go but it was a last minute decision so I only went Saturday and spent the entire day there after getting there as soon as they opened the ticket booths.  We had to do this since I hadn't prereged my ticket and we had stuff to do. :p  Which was funny because me and my boyfriend thought getting my ticket would take longer than gettting his since he prereged, but my line only took 5 minutes at most and his line was closer to 10 minutes, but luckily there weren't any panels we wanted to go to until around 11.

Our first panel of the day was an Ace Attorney panel and it was run by a Jack Harkness cosplayer that I've seen at OMG!Con for the last couple of years.  At first glance this was simply a fan panel, run by a fan for fans, but the more he got a feel for the room and how many people didn't know about the series vesus those that did he was able to make us n00bs feel welcome to the fandom.  What I liked especially about this panel is that he didn't simply go over how much he loved the series or how awesome it was (without actually saying anything), but he also went over the cultural significance of this series and he went over the different aspects of the series as a whole.  And I just love that kind of stuff, like knowing that pokemon was created by a guy that loved catching bugs just adds a little bit more to the game for me than if I didn't have that knowledge. 

Speaking of pokemon our next panel was called Pokemon Roots, which sounded awesome from the description, but unfortunately it wasn't any new knowledge for me as I've seen plenty of youtube videos outlining the differences between the different Pokemon games, the anime, as well as differences between the alphas and betas of the games (for a good look at those go check out Tamashii Hiroka's videos).  Then I felt kind old when they played the first ever pokemon episode for the room because they thought people hadn't seen it (which I won't say it's not true, I just remember it when it came out *feels old*).  It was cool to watch though, although I wish they would've showed the next episode where Team Rocket is introduced (which IMO is one of the only episodes where they are actually badass and worthy to be called villains).  And then they played "Who's That Pokemon" on an online generator and that's when bf and I left.

Next we went to the Timey Wimey panel for Doctor Who, which was basically the same panel as it was at OMG!Con.  The guy that runs the panel (who actually graduated from the same university as me at the same time, and I had no idea >.<;) is really good about not having any spoilers for the audience but that means he can't talk as much about the newer stuff which is OMGWTFBBQ awesome! And since I did see him last time at OMG!Con I shouldn't have been really suprised that there wasn't much new stuff.  One new thing though is that he played a few clips specifically for the 6th doctor, played by Collin Baker, who was in attendance at Fandomfest.  At the end of his panel he also regrettably had to announce that Collin Baker's Q&A was cancelled.

After Timey Wimey we went to a panel called Fannibals, to which I was introduced to a tv show about Hannibal Lector, which I am totally going to watch, but unfortunately this was more of a panel for people already fans of the series, so we ended up leaving this panel early too.

Since the Collin Baker Q&A was cancelled we had some time to kill before the Firefly Q&A so we went to go get some food where we stood in line for quite a while, but hey it was busy.  While we in line though (this was around 3) the husband of the lady who was standing in front of us with her kids came up and had to tell them that Fandomfest had sold out of tickets.  A little while after the guy came up to tell his family this the hall was practically empty compared to how many people were in there beforehand.  When we finally got to order our food I got a hotdog and chips.  The hotdog was a bit stomach turning though as the lady who took my order and my money (thankfully a card, but still) made it with her ungloved hands.  She didn't pick my hotdog up with her bare hands but the bun she did.  And her hands were really dry, kudos if thats from washing your hands all the time, but it looks gross, and she handled cash before my order I don't know if she washed her hands. But I ate it because I didn't want to stand in line again or order an 8$ panini.  

We ate our food quickly and headed to the Firefly Q&A quite early which was good because we were really close to the door considering where the line had ended.  While we waited we heard others talking about how some people got kicked out by the fire marshal and how understaffed they were.  There were more issues I heard about later but I'll just link you to the complaints Reddit.  It is really unfortunate that there were so many bad experiences, I'm just glad that my experiences weren't nearly as bad as those experienced by some! 

But I did have a bad experience. So before the Firefly Q&A was the Stan Lee Q&A and Q&A's were running over all day, but I didn't actually get seated for the Firefly one until 30mins after it was supposed to start, not to mention that people were still streaming in well after the actors started talking (not their fault, they didn't want to waste time).  Eventually we got to actual Q&A once everyone was in the room, there was hilarity as well as prank calls from Nathan Fillion. Unfortunately these prank calls also interupted questions, but those questions that were intrerrupted were answered and no one was forgotten by the actors as long as they had the time. But that was the problem. Time. Not only did the Firefly Q&A start late it didn't even get it's full hour. It "started" around 5:30 and then they had to wrap it up around 6:10 and not everyone that was in line to ask questions were able to ask due to this mess up with the times.

Now after the Firefly Q&A I wanted to go to the John Barrowman Q&A, but in order for them to start his they had to get all of us out of the room and THEN let everyone in, which meant anyone in that room that wanted to go to the next Q&A (which is probably a more popular one just to be fair) would have to start at the end of the line and potentionally not get in after waiting in yet another line.  So bf and I decided to just skip that nonsense and go to the dealer room since it wqas going to close at 6 anyways (seemed really early to me, but whatever) and that's where I got my pretty stylus! It was 16$ and I also got a Len little figurine for 10$ :D!

He's so cute!! 

So after the vendor room closed bf and I went down the street to Chipotle and had some deliciousness! After we made our way back we were right in time for the last panel we wanted to go to which was called Bat Girls! and it was sooo good! So the girl that ran this did her panel in a similar fashion to how the guy that did the Ace Attorney panel, meaning it was good for fans but also friendly for n00bs.  Her panel went over the various women in the Batman universe both heroes and villains, and she coved both their secret identities as well as their super identities.  She talked about why certain characters were created, for example creating female characters for sex appeal, then taking them out because they were too sexy, only to add them again in order to make gay rumors about the caped crusaders go away.

That ended our night since I still had to get up at 6am the next day for work, so we didn't go in to peak at the rave or anything like that, but a lot of other people were leaving around the same time as us, so I felt we were safe walking back to my car downtown.

I was going to talk about my craft projects, but this post is long enough, so until next time! >.<

What I'm crocheting, studying, and video games!

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So I've been working on Leavanny again! I got into a little bump as I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to do the bottom part of the arms but I think I figured it out! ^_^

So here's the original concept art: 

I wasn't sure how to do that hook thing, but with just some messing around I figured it out on my first try! 

And then here it is "attached" to the main body of Leavanny

Luckily since this is a flat piece there is no "wrong" side to the work except for the fact that I have little tufts from the ends poking out on the side that you cant see. So when I do this from the other side I don't actually have to figure out how to do its opposite I can just weave the ends in so that the proper side is the "right" side!

I have worked a bit on my Syltherin scarf but unfortunately I can't remember how many stitches the big block is supposed to be, so I'm waiting on my boyfriend to get back to me since he has the knit pattern memorized. >.< I'm just glad my Tunisian crochet gauge actually follows the knit stitch count perfectly! 

On the studying front, I did get behind studying my GRE book there for a bit, and I am still technically behind I did give myself an extra week to do the tests right before the actual test. So I think I should be good.  After this post, however, I will be gettting to work on the dreaded math section. TT_TT From the other study techniques the book has given me so far I'm sure they'll come up with some magical way to make the math section suck less or they'll say if you suck at math you're shit out of luck, but either way. *shrug* Gotta do it either way!

I'm hoping to get a really awesome score the first time so I don't have to retake it so it'll make up for the fact that I have a 2.9 not a 3.0 overall g.p.a (yes they said this matters, though when the Master Coordinator told me this I was at a 2.5 I think).  I have a friend that had to fight to get into her masters program because she had a 2.8 not a 3.0, but she got in, so I'm hopeful. However, if I don't get in for whatever reason I am going to take that opportunity to save up more money to go to field school with the university and try again in hopes that the added experience will make me appear to have the dedication that I have.

It makes me happy to have a game plan in regards to grad school, and a backup plan if that fails.  What also makes me happy are awesome video games (and getting healthy, but that's in a bit)

So I've been playing Project X Zone (X is spoken as "cross")for the 3DS since it came out (I got impatient and bought it on the eshop).  It's pretty and the big moves you can do are beautifully animated since they turn into a semi-cut scene.  The story is.. eh... I was describing the game to a friend and I was telling him how I thought the plot would go and so far I've been right on the money, which in this case wasn't a good thing since I just kinda whipped up some generic plot based on what I'd seen in the prologues. Yes there's multiple prologues, which isn't a bad thing IMO, it introduces all of the characters at a decent pace this way.  Also, while I feel like the game kind of expects me to know all or a lot of the characters already (this is a huge fighter crossover game), I don't feel punished for not knowing them. I mean I recognize a few, but I couldn't tell you their names or what game their from because I'm not a huge fighting genre gamer.  Overall I love the flashiness of the game, the fact that its voice-acted in important parts, and the nice way the 3D looks (I actually like leaving the 3D on for this game).  I even like that it's dubbed in Japanese with the text in English because it's set in Japan and that makes it feel like I am watching a Japanese movie.  They also reference real places in Japan, such as Shibuya, also the location from the game The World Ends With You, which was a nice added touch IMO.  The only bad part so far has been that I think the game is too easy so far, despite the fact that on the eshop users rated it for more hardcore gamers.  I've never really considered myself to be a hardcore gamer since I never feel like I go too indepth on any aspect of a game, but I wouldn't consider myself a casual player either.  However, this is coming from the pc gaming perspective, I'm guessing the 3DS demographic would view this type of game differently than I would or a non-portable console player would.  Not to say thats bad, but I think Nintendos fan-base in general is more into straight RPGs and this is definitely more of a strategty fighter-RPG.

On an unrelated note I got a gym membership! Yay! The plan is to go after work since it is almost literally right next to where I work (I can see it as I walk to my car).  It's an average priced gym and durning the times that I'll be going its pretty dead since I get off of work earlier than most people.  The place is really clean and the people are really nice and I feel totally comfortable there.  I'm looking forward to getting active and strong again! :) 

What I'm Crocheting!

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All the things lately it seems! ^_^

Below the cut are pictures of an awesome finishing needle I got, also pictures of Leavanny's finished headpiece! And a new hook!



for those of you the work with yarnstuff, if you have trouble with the regular yarn needles GET THESE! Its been a great frustation save for me! Since my amigurumi is so tight most of the time its easier (but trust me, not by much) to use my crochet hook to finish off the leftover ends.

7-1 011



Plus its WAY easier to put the yarn in the in the needle. I'm coming from a metal yarn needle so this was heaven! (I have a tendency to split the yarn D:)

7-1 012


And it's bendy! This has been both good and bad though. When tucking yarns away on something flat its been great because it allows me to do multiple runs before pulling through, but it gave me trouble when I was working in a tight area on the headpiece of Leavanny. :(

For most of Leavanny now I've been working with a new crochet hook! Since I /broke/ my last one O.O


7-1 014

its SUPER comfy!

7-1 007


I believe this picture was taken before the edging was done on the headpiece, but its a nice closeup.

7-1 009



And this is the headpiece finished!


And thats not all I've been crocheting! I've also started a Slytherin scarf using Tunisian crochet knit stitch!

7-1 001





7-1 006

7-1 010

it curls so much! and its so thick I love it!


Lately I've also gone a little magazine crazy it seems, at least in regards to how I usually buy magazines, which is never >.<

7-1 017



The crochet magazine on the very left I think is my favorite out of all of these so far ^_^

7-1 018



Archaeology news! And so many more new animes, mangas, and games I want to check out! >.<



I'm going to be doing something new that I mentioned in the last post: featured artists!

And this post's featured artist is going to be: Steampunk Bar & Grill by Guy Whelan! Also, he has an etsy!