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Posted on January 8, 2010 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I went to go see Avatar.  Not in 3D, but even without the 3D it isamazing.  I hope to see it in 3D eventually, maybe once it goes out onDVD. 


Avatar, as everyone else has said, is a great movie with astoundingspecial effects.  I will also agree with one comment I read about themovie, when they said that it had enough action to satisfy the stereotypicalmale and enough emotion to satisfy the stereotypical female.


Being of the female variety, I liked the thought put into theemotional scenes, but sometimes I felt that I was being pulled from an intenseemotional scene right into an awesome intense action scene with all the specialeffect ramped up all the way they can go.  It is almost a visual orgasm insome parts...ok most parts, even in the non-action scenes.


I noticed several things about the Na'vi people and their philosophiesabout life and relating to nature.  Many of the concepts I saw veryclosely related to Eastern philosophies, Paganism, and maybe even just generalSpiritualism.  The main character cannot learn anything new with a fullcup and that he has to empty his cup to be able to learn about the Na'vipeople.  This is an example that I have heard in relation toBuddhism.  A Buddhist monk in the recent movie 2012 at a Tibetan Buddhisttemple also mentions this concept. 


Another concept that addressed by the Na'vi is the concept ofinterconnectedness, which is also a concept in Buddhism, but it is also seen inPaganism.  In the Na'vi culture shown in the movie the concept ofinterconnectedness mostly applied to the interconnectedness of the people andnature.  The Na'vi and nature are not separate and they know this.


Another comment that I found remarkable was something that the queensaid the main character.  She told him that they would try to cure hisinsanity.  Again I was reminded of Buddhism and recognizing the reality ofinterconnectedness.  To not realize that each and every person and theworld we live is connected in a way is madness because it is to deny the truththat humans on a whole and individual basis need the earth in order to survive.


This movie is as much a commentary on what we humans are doing to ourearth as it is in the changing notions of religion and spirituality.


Go see it.