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So, my infrequency of posting is laughable, but that's ok. This is something I just do for fun. Right now I am sitting in the cafe of my college's library after my class procrastinating on my homework at the moment. But we're not going to talk about that.  Nanowrimo is here again, Halloween and Samhain have passed and the November grind of college is starting to rack up.  However, I am doing rather well.  Years past, in college, I have attempted to do Nanowrimo. No Longer.  It is too much stress on me during a time when the majority of the papers for my classes are due and tests become more important and the material covered in class more dense and intense.

This year, I am going to my college's write-ins, not to write my nanowrimo, but to sit with some interesting people (that I happen to already kinda know) and work on my homework and studying.  This is good because it provides me with some talking time and social interaction that I haven't really had outside talking to my boyfriend all the time, and also the write-in contains moments of quiet and moments of a bit of talking.  For me this is a good balance because if I spend too long simply with my nose in a book or in my kindle I get restless and will tend to go off and do other things that are not my homework. And then I get distracted and amused by the things I am doing and then I realize it's been three hours. Not good.  This way the moments of mental relief from homework will be relatively brief and also entertaining. 

Alas, I must go do some homework now. I work on the weekends, so not much happens homework-wise during that time. Ta-t

Nanowrimo and school

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well it seems as if i am finally inspired to try once again to do nanowrimo this year... 4 days late -_-

however this does not mean that i will let it interfere with my college homework. I don't seem to have as much as I did at murray but at the same time that overconfidence cane bite me in the ass if i let it. unfortunately for me at the end of this semester.. aka first week of december so basically by the end of november i have a 7-10 page paper due for my diversity and inequalities sociology class...


so yeah... i'll be working on that more than nanowrimo.. obviously.. but i am hoping that if i get more inspired to write in general then I will be able to write my paper more quickly.. which is possible :)


wish me luck.


(bc i don't even have any sort of basic outline or anything i just stuck my characters (older characters) in a random situation... :D)