Playing the Game of Life


Watching Youtube and crocheting gifts >.<

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Watching: Legend of Korra Season 3 speculation

That just ended so now I'm watching: Guild Wars 2 VisualWood podcast

While crocheting this for my manager! ^_^

What I'm doing!

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Well WHAT am I doing? Well for one: updating my website on my iPod that's what! :D It's kind of a pain because the tilt to horizontal view won't work for some reason but whatever. So. I've been studying for the gre and right now I'm taking a break and having lasagna for lunch :) Other than studying I've been working and playing the Project X Zone demo while I waited to get paid :) which means I'm going to get the full game today next time I go out! Speaking of games there's a new update for guild wars 2. And I am so behind. T_T I can't keep up with the updates anymore. It makes me sad because I can't keep up with the story anymore. I did play a bit in the new area but it was a bunch of jumping puzzle stuff that I wasn't in the mood at the time. So I didn't stay on for long. I have been playing Pokemon black in my free time though. I'm just passed Burgh now and omg when I cosplayed him for the ADK meetup I got his character DOWN just from looking at pictures of him online. And omg I love him so much! I think I'm going to keep him in my regular lineup of cosplays! But I've gotten distracted! (What else is new?) More game stuff! I think I've finally been sucked into getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It will be good. :D and as soon as I get it I'll post my id on my Facebook page. And that's all I've really been doing as far as gaming goes. Which is odd because Steam sales are here! And I'm not that excited. :/ Other new things include that I'm doing including getting a gym membership. I'm really excited about it! It's right next to my work so I'll be able to go when I get done with the day without getting settled into laziness. I can do that after working or if I want :P The added benefit of getting healthy will hopefully mean that by next year I'll feel comfortable cosplaying as Ren from one of the Vocaloid music videos (I'll post a picture of her later). And I guess for now Serenity out. (:P)

So much to talk about!

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And so little time! >.< I have to be asleep in 30 mins. ugh. Well OMGcon! went really well and I got some stuff, of which I got pictures of, but I didn't actually take any pictures of my cosplays or my lolita. :(


But I will post the pictures of the things I got, talk about the panels I went to, and I'm going to list the business cards I got from artist alley! ^_^


And I now have a new project from the bf who is playing pokemon white right now: I am now going to make him an Minccino. :)

Speaking of crocheting things though, I still haven't finished my Leavanny! D: I took it with me to the con, but I was just so tired that I usually went to bed as soon as we got back to the hotel.


Speaking of bed, I need to go there now so I can be functional tomorrow and hopefully not have to take a nap again after work because I have too much stuff to do for naps! :P Like post a proper entry here!


Anyways, that's what's going on lately, but more later! ^_^

Witty Title

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So, my infrequency of posting is laughable, but that's ok. This is something I just do for fun. Right now I am sitting in the cafe of my college's library after my class procrastinating on my homework at the moment. But we're not going to talk about that.  Nanowrimo is here again, Halloween and Samhain have passed and the November grind of college is starting to rack up.  However, I am doing rather well.  Years past, in college, I have attempted to do Nanowrimo. No Longer.  It is too much stress on me during a time when the majority of the papers for my classes are due and tests become more important and the material covered in class more dense and intense.

This year, I am going to my college's write-ins, not to write my nanowrimo, but to sit with some interesting people (that I happen to already kinda know) and work on my homework and studying.  This is good because it provides me with some talking time and social interaction that I haven't really had outside talking to my boyfriend all the time, and also the write-in contains moments of quiet and moments of a bit of talking.  For me this is a good balance because if I spend too long simply with my nose in a book or in my kindle I get restless and will tend to go off and do other things that are not my homework. And then I get distracted and amused by the things I am doing and then I realize it's been three hours. Not good.  This way the moments of mental relief from homework will be relatively brief and also entertaining. 

Alas, I must go do some homework now. I work on the weekends, so not much happens homework-wise during that time. Ta-t

busy busy busy

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well got a lot of reading done today. did one of my tests and turned my paper in. going to do my other test online tomorrow before my other class. :) or tonight. :)

currently listening to the Twilight Path podcast: link