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for you fans of...

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I'm not old!! >.<

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A tumblr reblog thing for women who crochet who aren't old grannies! 

Hmmm... ear warmer? perhaps...

hmmm I wonder if I could make a crocheted version of this

A bit different...

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but this (what at the time I called "social activist trolling" not trolling in the sense that they don't believe in what they are saying and only doing it for the lolz, but trolling in the sense that stuff they say is hurtful, senseless and out of nowhere) is essentially left tumblr.  And a large part of this stuff is why at least in my local area I don't consider myself a part of the LGbt "community", but while this is mostly a local thing for me the feeling of not belonging to the LGbt community extends beyond my local community to the internet and mainstream LGbt stuff. :/ so yeah. there's that.

tl;dr its basically a long post about how social activism over the internet has devolved into unhelpful name calling and other bullshit.

Pile o'links!

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Chocolate syrup for coffee! 

Linked Double Crochet Stitch technique! 

Cute Lamb pattern!

Fox wrist warmers

and crochet a Bowtie

other cool stuff!

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Lols its pretty evident that I haven't checked my feeds in a while, but this is awesome!

Easy kitty doll

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I really like this idea! It would be easy to make this a big plush (which is something I find tiring with amigurumi).

mood blanket

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This would be potentially fun ^_^ click here for the mood blanket! 

So the holidays happened!

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So I haven't posted a picture of my finished Slytherin scarf here! 

Its almost 10 ft long and reeeeally warm!! So lately I haven't been wearing it because it hasn't been snowing a windy. >.< This scarf is great for those days, but its too warm/cumbersome for days that aren't like that. 

Well that was a quick update! I'm off to play some Guild Wars 2! (btw I'm in Crystal Desert and I'll post about my new guild later!)

So going to make this....

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